Javier Akerman - Sangye Dorje

International Ambassador in Spain
Javier Akerman

He was born in Vigo, on December 1, 1959. He has been the first Spaniard who received the transmission and empowermentas a vajra master of Tibetan yoga and is the founder of the Jamyang Yoga©lineage. Lama Norbu has recognized as original the Trulkhor and Lungyor teachings that his teacher Tulku Tsering (who died in 1990) has given him.
In addition, he has performed the corresponding empowerments and Vajra-Yoga transmissions, for which Lama Norbu has recognized him and
named Guru Vajra Neljor (Vajra Master of Tibetan Yoga). He has given him the Dharma name of Sangye Dorje, thus giving him the transmission and lineage associated with this important yogic name. The Tibetan lama and healer Dhargya Lobsang also recognized him as Master of Tsalung and bestowed upon him the symbolic name of Chow ki SengeDorje.
Javier Akerman is also a theologian, specialist in Sciences of Religions and priest (Anglican Communion). He is a full professor of Eastern Religions and Sociology and Phenomenology of Religion, in the Center for Anglican Studies of Spain (IERE – Anglican Communion). He has also written nine books whose economic rights were donated to charity and social purposes Website : https://www.yogatibetano.info